WhereIsYourCat? is a Collaborative Street Radio. The aim of this project is to let musicians spread their music in the specific location that they choose, embedding the music inside the physical environment of their target audience. For example, a composer that wants to share his creations with his neighborhood, or a heavy metal band that wants to share its music with a specific audience down town. Traditional radio stations connect music with a time by defining that certain songs will be played at a certain time slot. In this experiment I suggest to connect songs with places.

In this project I connect digital information with the physical environment. Songs are embedded in specific locations by using stickers with the WhereIsYourCat? logo. Every logo contains a unique link to a song using datamatrix barcodes which are readable by any smartphone. The logo is designed in a range of colors suggesting the type and the mood of the music provided. Anyone can embed his own songs by going to whereisyourcat.com, uploading a song and printing the sticker with the unique code that is given to him.

This project is an ongoing project (2011) and currently I am running it as an early alpha in Tel-Aviv.

Video demo: