Future City Lab @ The Museum of the City of New York

New York at Its Core from Local Projects on Vimeo.

The Future City Lab gives visitors the opportunity to interact with New York City current issues, to imagine the city’s future by designing a street, a building, and a park, and to discover ways of addressing the challenges, drawing ideas from cities around the world.

For this exhibit I developed the software for the Activity Tables, 12 touch screens where visitors create their vision for 12 diffrent neighborhoods in NYC, and the Streetscape Wall - a wall of 4x4 screens showing the visitors' completed designs.

In this experience, visitors can learn about the challenges of the city by performance meters that give feedback on their actions. They can then take that into account and design to optimize them, or completely ignore them and just make something that looks really cool.

When your design is displayed on the wall, you can be projected into it by two Kinects that are scanning the area in front of the screenscape screen.

Development was done in C++ using openFrameworks.

Big thanks to the wonderful team at Local Projects: