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Collections Table @ Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian National Design Museum from Local Projects on Vimeo.

The Collections Tables are five interactive multitouch tables scattered throughout the museum, displaying objects from the museum collection. By using these tables, visitors can learn about the different artworks, and explore connections between them. The Collections Table displays around 4000 objects right now.

When you enter the museum an interactive pen is offered, which allows you to collect items throughout the museum, and review those items later on the tables. and . The tables also allow you to see similar items in the collection and "collect" items you like. You can also experiment with Design yourself and create you own designs of wallpapers, hats, tables, chairs. Those can be saved online and are ready for a model using 3D printing technology.

I worked with Oriol Ferrer MesiĆ  (front end), Philipp Rockel (front end), Andreas Borg (front end) and Sundar Raman (back end) on the tech side. Interaction Design by Angela Chen, Graphic Design by Paul Hope. Project Managers were Kristen Svorka (phase one) and Kristin Lovejoy (Phase two).

The tables were developed in openFrameworks, and their source code will be made public soon.